SOLutions in Solar Electricity

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A small sample from my hundreds of PV consulting and construction projects
Installing my system 1998
My PV powered home

Colton PV Carport 2002
Colton Utility PV Carport

Hawaii Off-Grid 1994
Kona Hawaii PV
Tracking  Array
Burbank 1998
Burbank Utility PV
Huntington 100kW 1996
SCE Voltage Support

Santa Monica Pier 1996
Santa Monica Pier PV

LA BIPV 1984
Glendale CA Building Integrated PV

SMUD PV 1995
Sacramento CA PV Pioneer  Homes

Solar Guys 2004 - Larry Hagman, Dennis Weaver, Dick Schoen, Kevin Tabor, Joel Davidson
PV Pioneers - Kevin Tabor, Dennis Weaver, Richard Schoen, Joel Davidson,  Larry Hagman
LA Roof 2003
Santa Monica PV

San Diego Naval Base PV Carport
Coronado Island Navy PV Carport

Anaheim Convention Center 2001
Anaheim Convention Center PV

Van Nuys 2003
Van Nuys Commercial PV

Shade PV 1996Alamitos School PV Shade Port

Anaheim trailer 2001
Anaheim Utility PV Trailer

SunRunner 1984

PV Powered Vehicle

SunRunner Construction 1984

Building PV Powered Vehicle

Teaching PV

Malibu California Teaching PV

Sacramento Church 1995

Sacramento PV Church
Solar Carport 2002
Culver City PV Carport

UC Ivine 1996

UC Irvine Building Integrated PV

Encinitas 2008

Encinitas City Hall Commercial PV

Chino Hills 1996

Chino Hills School Building Integrated PV

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